Do you want to win a NEW CAPiTA Snowboard ? maybe some UNION Bindings ? or A new BOND Jacket ?.

NEW CONTEST – Were working on it. 



CONGRATS SEBI HOLMES ! Winner the Cross word contest.

print out and complete the crossword then email it back to and you’re entered to win

The 2nd Round of the FACEBOOK CONTEST
New Contest .. We reached our first goal of 1000 likes , and today I sent out a package to Karim in the Netherlands. our second goal is 2000 likes , As we get more likes the prizes get better and better.

Facebook Contest .. Probably the easiest thing you could ever do to win some stuff.  CLICK HERE and “Like” The Snowboard Realms and thats it … I’ll pick someone at random on the like list to win a realms Prize pack .

like hit list 1000 and counting











Congrats Karim our first 1000 likes winner










The next contest mark 5000 Likes


36 responses to “Contests

  1. Peter stromgren

    he tj, this is just a fun edit and here it goes

  2. heres a few tricks just for fun preseason in ontario… we found these tubes in an old construction area… so much fun….

  3. snowboarding is so much fun, but its even better with friends. I give this video two thumbs up!

  4. DoubleD

    This is one of my best Buds Drew, the dude just doesn’t get much love… enjoy…xoxoxo

  5. Eric Hinsperger

    this video is awesome!

  6. Garrett

    ha this was posted august 24th, thats my birthday 🙂 to bad theres no snow in ohio around that time 😦 but there is now 🙂

  7. sam bruton

    nice real nice, love the soundtrack with it and the jibbing

  8. Александр

    ребятки лысого ежа гоняют вот что))

  9. hey TJ, would love to win some kind of contest with ur site and i’m a subscriber on your youtube! (mostentertainment). need new gear bad and soooo broke. cheers, corey

  10. denis

    you fall alot but i still like it :)..and is that matisyahu??..i mean the song

  11. Leo

    why is snowboardrealms so legit? its like snowboard class, Tj stays schooling peeps with the siiiicknesssss. good stuff.

  12. Just letting you know that capita Horroscope 152.. is just my size. But anyways keepin it real. I love to ride for fun. Pow, slush or Ice.

    I got a ton of just fun vids.

  13. My footy from this year. I live in Maryland, though I get into PA and occasionally OH.

    PASSWORD: havesome

  14. You guys are my favorite rider your boards are just amazing got the indoor survival flat kick last year first capita and its awsome capita has my favorite 2 riders scott stevens and tj they are just the best

  15. Steven Meisner

    Whats up TJ? Just checkin in on the realms site. Always fun to see people havin fun shredding when you yourself cant. In about 4 more hours I will be though. To bad I bought a DC board this year and not Capita. Damn thing broke 4th day at the hill. Oh well, keep on havin fun peeps!

  16. JR

    Good to see the Realms Episodes going strong. Very cool idea. I could use some free stuff. Let me know if it needs a home.

  17. Pingback: Se 4 ep 12 Jibbing and contests | the snowboard realms

  18. braeden

    what website do i go to to get anwers for the contest its friggin hard man

  19. Hey man! i’ll do anything for a free snowboard! Anything!! Just say the word and i’l do it!!!

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