Contests love em or hate em ? ep 20

i won

some contest fun in Japan .

Love them or Hate them they are a pretty bog part of snowboarding these days ,

One of the best ways to get your name out there and start a career .

plus it’s always fun to go to japan !

my kit in this episode ,

jib Board CAPiTA Stairmaster

Park Board CAPiTA BSOD

pants Bond

jacket Bond

Bindings Union Force SL

Boots DEELUXE rough diamond 4

Gloves DROP

Goggles DROP

Helmet BERN Macon



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9 responses to “Contests love em or hate em ? ep 20

  1. j.treeson


    Consistently my favorite part of every realms season. Especially the Niseko pow pow and hanging with the Japanland crew [doggy!!]. Good funny times…

    Can’t wait to save enough money to reach with my own group here in Toronto.

    Enjoy yourself if Niseko… Cowabunga!!

  2. bhawk

    take me next time i will film better : )

  3. dibs on his job!!! cant wait to see the pow

  4. pete

    i watch the realms a lot and think it is FUN. I just don’t like the “suicidal” hat…..yeah go ahead people hate on me……call me a “square”….BUT for real when you have had someone in your life actually deal with that….it is not funny and I would never where a hat like that with kids watching….whats wrong with maybe a capita hat or…

  5. Josh

    To answer that question its a bitter sweet relationship really you have to deal with all of the pressure but you get to shred with your friends and watch them progress comps fun but tiring and aggravating at the same time

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