Defenders of Awesome European Premier

The European Premier of Defenders of Awesome was nothing short of awesome.
Zurich is one of my favourite places on earth, and I was more than happy to pack my bags for a quick journey.
Our good friend Zana Sini booked the small, but perfect Exil club on the west end of Zurich where we crammed close to 300 people in to watch the new movie.

Zana found a Jimi Hendrix cover band to play before the show,

Cheap drinks for some…. free drinks for me !

At about 11:30 everyone piled into the club where Scotty Stevens started up the main event.

Glued to the screen as "BrisseBurger" goes wild.

In true Euro fashion the party continued well into the night, somewhere around 3 the lights came on , somewhere around 4 people started to leave , somewhere around 5 I found a couch and somewhere around 6 I was on my way to the airport.

Huge thank you to Zana and the Swiss CAPiTA crew for putting on such a rad event and everyone that came to join us.

It was a great way to see Defenders of Awesome for the first time. For a full list of “Defenders of Awesome” premier dates check out CAPiTASNOWBOARDING.COM

Tj Schneider.

All photos by Vernon Deck




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